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The Church of the Nazarene is a Protestant Christian church in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition. Organized in 1908, the Church is now home to more than 2.2 million members worshiping in over 29,000 local congregations in 159 world areas.


Grace Church has been a part of the Nazarene denomination from the beginning. Grace Church was organized March 1, 1970, with 57 members from two Rochester, NY mother churches, Trinity Church of the Nazarene and Calvary Church of the Nazarene.  This group felt there should be a Nazarene church in the North Chili-Spencerport area to point men and women to Jesus Christ.


A need for the church was felt by several families in the

fall of 1961. A prayer meeting was held and attended by

nine families. Exercising faith, district home mission

leaders purchased seven acres of land at the intersection

of Stony Point and Union Street in 1961.


In November, 1969, another meeting was held at Trinity Church

of the Nazarene. Twenty famillies answered the call to become

involved with what God was doing in regards to Grace Church.

On February 1, 1970, worship began in the Ogden Grange Hall,

Spencerport. Realizing an immediate need for adequate facilities, a

committee was appointed and began planning for a church building.

The church was built and we have been ministering to the Westside

of Rochester ever since.


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