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Grace Connections is a ministry that is all about keeping Grace Church connected to its people, and keeping its people connected to God.
Once per week the Grace Connections Team meets to send out notes of encouragement to church attenders and others who are referred to our ministry, such as relatives, friends of congregation members, as well as people who come to the Food Pantry (to learn more about our Food Pantry click here.)
We have a group of people who pray by name for those we are going to be reaching out to on a weekly basis.  It's basically an outreach ministry to remind people of God's love for them, to tell them we miss them if they haven't been attending, and to encourage some who might be going through a difficult time. We have a volunteer team that visits our seniors who have a difficult time getting out and to those in the hospitals or who are home ill, etc. We also reach out to the other churches in the area to let them know that we are regularly lifting them in prayer. This part of the weekly gathering spills over into the other focus of Grace Connections: staying connected with God.
The other vital part of this ministry is to build people up in their ability to come before God and speeak with Him. We are continually working to bring strength to our Grace Connections Prayer Team. The focus of the prayer team is to keep prayer and communion with God a central part of our church and its people. This includes establishing a regular prayer time on Sunday mornings to pray for our services, starting small groups that focus on prayer,  training people for altar ministry, enhancing our current prayer chain to include texting, phone calls, and emails to get requests and praises out.
In the future we will be holding a class on teaching the importance or prayer, connecting with teachers and other ministry leaders to ensure that they are giving their classes/ministries opportunities to pray.  We want to be more effective in teaching us all as God's children to pray and commune with our Father.  We want Grace to become a house of prayer and her people a people of prayer.
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